Trevor Robinson

was born in London in 1964. In 1986 he began a career in advertising, eventually moving with his then business partner Allan Young to the agency TWBA, where they produced little of worth. They were subsequently fired, and eventually found work at HHCL and went on to produce some of the most memorable campaigns of recent years.

Robinson and Young were responsible for what has since become known as 'guerrilla' advertising, the most famous example of this being their now legendary campaign for the soft drink Tango. This and other work won them both accolades and awards. Robinson eventually grew out of HHCL, and formed his own agency, Quiet Storm. This continued the established emphasis on creative freedom, and offers a more slimline approach which allows clients more input into all aspects of the process. Their client portfolio includes Ozwald Boateng, The Earth Centre and Virgin Vie. Quiet Storm also produced the operation Black Vote campaign for the 1997 UK General Election.

It is an element of risk which, combined with the communication of the message, that gets the product talked about. This forms the core of Robinson’s creativity and originality. With Allan Young he succeeded in remodelling a prescribed process and creating some of the most distinctive work ever in his field . Quiet Storm continues to operate both as a production company and a full service advertising agency.

Robinson has also directed a series for the Paramount Comedy Channel and is developing a feature film.

Hopefully I will be able to continue to be creative throughout my life in that people will still like what I do, even if I’m just drawing their portraits on the beach. If I can be half as happy for the rest of my life as I have been so far that would make me most prosperous.