There is a diverse range of personalities featured in the Union Blacks portraits, giving you an opportunity to see how different individuals have contributed to the British society.

The images also vary from photography to paintings to dictionary style reflections of some of the personalities within the Union Blacks. The individual's life has inspired each portrait. This gives each image a personality of its own. Here are a few examples.

Olaudah Equiano's portrait is inspired by his journey to the west on board a slave ship. The blue colours represent the sky and sea and the red colour symbolises the slave ship, whilst his name appears as a reflection in the water. The sun in the background stands for what he left behind in Africa, and the cross a symbol of hope.

Trevor Robinson's portrait displays his name made out of can ring pulls representing his very successful campaign for tango. The dreadlocks in the background represent his style. His name is written in a font specially created by the artist.

Mrs Seacole's portrait features her name, and splattered drops of blood acting as a reminder of her dedication to helping injured troops in the Crimea. There is also quote by William Russell of the Times in 1857 as a tribute to her.