Dr Joan Anim-Addo,

born in Grenada, is a lecturer, editor and writer of incredible relevance to the black experience and community. Her interests are the social, cultural and literary history of the Diaspora and the early black presence in Britain.

Dr Anim-Addo has produced a diverse canon of work which incorporates publications and research in both literary and academic forms. This mirrors the variety of her interests. As well as academic text, she has published poetry, fiction, drama and history books. She has presented papers at academic institutions worldwide, as well as giving numerous public readings.

Dr Anim-Addo is chair of the Caribbean Women Writers Alliance and edits the publication Mango Season, which focuses on Caribbean Women's writing. She is currently a senior lecturer at Goldsmiths University of London where she is Head of the Caribbean Centre.

Echoes Voiceless? Less?
The spirits mocked. You cannot afford to be voiceless.
Voice more voice amplified through terminal stumps of seventy five million mutilated tongues forever ever amplified including yours yours yours yours.