Level 2

Good Luck!

Q 1

For which premiere league football team did Paul Ince became the first Black English manager in 2008?

Q 2

What type of music is Roni Size famous for?

Q 3

From which University did Professor Stewart Hall retire in 1997?

Q 4

Which Channel 4 comedy set in Peckham and featuring a predominantly West Indian cast was Norman Beaton famous form 1989 to 1994?

Q 5

Who is the leading vocalist of the roots reggae band Steel Pulse formed in 1975?

Q 6

What was Ignatius Sancho profession?

Q 7

Where was Walter Tull born in 1888?

Q 8

What made Floella Benjamin a household name?

Q 9

Which year was Olaudah Equiano’s book published: The Interesting Narrative of Olaudah Equiano or Gustavas Vassa the African?

Q 10

Which section of the British forces did E.R. Braithwaite serve in?

Q 11

How many names make up the Windrush Flag?

Q 12

For which London Borough was Sam King Mayor?

Q 13

Where did the Empire Windrush Dock on the 22nd of June 1948?

Q 14

On which ship did Sam King come to England in 1948?

Q 15

In which country was journalist Rageh Omaar born?

Q 16

What instrument is Courtney Pine famous for playing?