Level 1

Good Luck!

Q 1

Who was the first black female to be elected to British Parliament?

Q 2

Who was made a life peer in August 1997 and appointed Government Whip in the Lords in July of the following year?

Q 3

Who is chair of the Caribbean Women Writers Alliance and edits the publication Mango Season, which focuses on Caribbean Women's writing?

Q 4

Which sport is Vic Charles passionate about and was awarded an MBE for?

Q 5

What is Malika Booker known for?

Q 6

What year was Judith Bryan awarded the Saga Prize for unpublished Black British fiction?

Q 7

Which archive did Len Garisson co-found in 1981?

Q 8

What is the name of the groundbreaking publishing house founded by Jessica Huntly?

Q 9

Who was a co-founder of the London-based film and video collective Sankofa?

Q 10

Who said, "Britain’s history is intertwined with the history of Africa, Asia and other regions of the world which goes back hundreds of years"?